Sunday, February 24, 2013


Photo of Mulligrub by David Van Den Bossche.

  • Guest host David Skene helps out with this edition of a rock'n'roll gossip show.
  • The episode revolves around Ghost Hole's first show--D proclaims the whole new genre--GarfieldXCore!
  • T and D somehow don't give away tixx to the hippest band on earth, TRST.
  • We listen to Mulligrub, another GXC band, in a few of its different incarnations.
  • D and T discuss the acts in detail, what made them hip and enjoyable.
  • D points out the irony that the violin-and-drum combo Violent Screech was the most experienced act of the night.
  • Another GXC band--The Uncanny Valley Girls--is discussed for their absurd Fripp-Eno dynamics. We hear a track from them.
  • We round out the hour with a new segment titled "Is This Song About Me?" Before listening to Video Brats' only song, D makes his case that this song is about his exploits with the band members.


Does Taylor lose the game? Y/N

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