Sunday, March 3, 2013

HBLB visits NYC

Photo by Brynna Stefanson

  • Co-host Brynna Stefanson returns! She's full of tales from NYC.
  • Surprisingly still on New Yorkers' minds: the soda-pop ban.
  • While she was away, B interviewed Coney Island sword-swallower Betty Bloomers. She gives gritty details on damage from Hurricane Sandy. People looking to support the sideshow in recovering from the storm can donate at their website.
  • B relays the tale of heading into the Alexander McQueen store, where she was afraid to touch anything. T shows off his limited knowledge of the designer (not including the fact that McQueen is dead).
  • B runs down NYC's green spaces, including the High Line. She thinks it all great, until she mentions gentrification, and gets bummed out a little.
  • T explains (if possible) the premise of Simbiopsychotaxiplasm, a fav movie of his that took place in Central Park.
  • B relates her NYC art gallery visits to MOMA and New Museum's 'NYC 1993' exhibit. T scores an actual HBLB on Damien Hirst!
  • We hear a ticket lottery for the Book of Mormon--and B tells us all about the play.
  • We round the hour out with some high-quality NYC busking.

Does Taylor lose the game? Y/N

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