Sunday, February 17, 2013

HBLB investigates a few ripoffs

  • Taylor and guest host David Skene proclaim that they will investigate ripoffs definitively, to celebrate or condemn the offending artists.
  • First, T plays a pairing which is an obvious homage: "Street Hassle" and "Ode to Street Hassle."
  • D and T discuss the line between homage and ripoff; D says ripoff artists take others' work and pass it off as their own. D points out Spacemen 3 are citing their sources in the very song title.
  • The next pairing is an unabashed sample: Liars uses ESG's original. T draws comparisons between the two bands, both New York bands removed by a few decades. As usual, Lydia Lunch has some pretty harsh things to say.
  • D say these two songs sound to be of the same piece. T says the Liars song does stand on its own. However, the song blatantly references its inspiration, unlike other bands. [I didn't say this on-air, but the final lyric "Rather loved/ Than not loved" directly echoes Lunch's comments that Liars are looking for their moms' approval. Oddly, they've pre-empted her criticism and embrace that fact.]
  • Next up: James Murphy. He does not stop admitting his influences/source material.
  • T professes his love for The Rapture during the Echoes-era, but the influences are so obvious!
  • Murphy's own band, LCD Soundsystem, does not escape T and D's scrutiny, and admiration.

Does Taylor lose the game? Y/N

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