Saturday, April 6, 2013

HBLB discusses mental health

Former bookstore owner Kelly Hughes joins us on this episode of HBLB.

This episode includes:
  • Taylor and guest host Jenn Sparrling define mental health, and what separates an illness from feeling low.
  • T and J dispel some common myths about mental illnesses
  • We're joined by the local personality Kelly Hughes, former owner of Aqua Books. He talks about the stressful couple of years he's had, and his battle with depression towards the end of last year.
  • Hughes talks about writing online, how it plays to his strengths, and (in a sense) it gets him out of hiding.
  • David Skene stops in for a discussion on outsider artists, how they are defined, and  how they might be enabled or exploited.
  • We share a couple resources to understand and manage mental illnesses:
    CMHA Winnipeg
    Mood Disorders Association of Manitoba
    YMCA Life and Leisure Program
    Klinic Suicide Crisis Hotline @ 204-786-8686
    Manitoba Suicide Line @ 1-877-435-7170


Does Taylor lose the game? Y/N

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