Tuesday, April 16, 2013

HBLB digs through classifieds

This episode includes:
  • Taylor and Brynna run down the history of classified ads--from the 1600s to the internet. Check out all the stats on Under the Influence.
  • B points out that Vampire Weekend posted a classified ad revealing the details of their new album. However, they tweeted to their fans, directing them to the paper. Irony!
  • T tells the legendary(?) ad that Black Francis placed: Looking for a bass player who likes both folk trio Peter, Paul and Mary, and hardcore outfit Husker Du. Only one person applied.
  • T recalls an interesting phone convo he had with a paranoid perogy seller.
  • Our friend Ayla shares a couple stories of following up on classifieds, somewhat disingenuously.
  • B shares some of the best classifieds she had found--ideas friend wanted! less successful friends wanted!
  • B and T share a couple stories of missed connections. Really, check if you've been missed.
  • T shares another band that formed after a well-placed classified (Liars) and one who placed a classified, but nothing came of it (Nirvana).


Does Taylor lose the game? Y/N

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