Sunday, January 20, 2013

HBLB delves into wpg rock history

Photo of Winnipeg's Personality Crisis by Terry Cox, via

  • Guest host David Skene starts things off with a twist--taking us back to railroad times, when the comedic greats came through town.
  • T goes on about how amazingly psychedelic the Guess Who are. DS reveals the Guess Who's secrets to winning over crowds.
  • T and DS poke fun at Neil Young cuz he left wpg, B knows a lady who fell asleep in the back of Neil Young's hearse
  • Quick detour into classic rock.
  • We interview Julijana Capone about Wellington's, a Winnipeg punk club from the '70s thru the '90s. Bands from Personality Crisis to the Weakerthans all hung out.
  • B, T, and DS, all wax romantic about the venues, shows, and bands which they've loved from 2000 on.

Does Taylor lose the game? Y/N

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